Savengy Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for the most difficult challenges facing in  the desalination/distillation technologies.


   Savengy Technologies works with ZhongFu Water Tech, Fluidyne International Corporation and many others. Together we develops, promotes and markets environmentally friendly products and technologies geared towards conserving energy, generating energy from renewable sources and recycling resources for the good of the environment.

     Savengy Technologies developed a Multi-Effect Distillation (MED) system that can recover potable water from treated waste water, brackish water and sea water. The system is 1/10 the size and 10-20x more efficient than existing thermal desalination systems making it highly adaptable to a wide range of environments (Video intro).


     Savengy has been sponsored by DOE and NSF and recently been selected by NASA as top 25 companies in i-tech 2019 Cycle II competition. (Please refer to: here ; we note there were 400~500 companies in 2019 Cycle II competition).